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Below are 3Balls Coupon Codes and promo codes


Code: SuperBowl

$7 Off $50 orders, $14 Off $100 orders, and $21 Off $150+ orders

Expires midnight on 2/1/2015

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Up to $100 off, $10 off $100 up to $100 off when spending over $1000

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Free Shipping on orders over $99

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About 3Balls.com

3Balls has been in business for many many years.  Since 1998 when the first store opened, they have been serving golfers ever since.  Initially, the co-founders bought some inventory from a pro shop, and opened up for business at the Pine Oaks Golf Course calling themselves Joe & Leigh’s Discount Golf Pro Shop.  They grew the business over the years by serving customers with good golf deals, and 3Balls was eventually born in the year 2000.  Used Golf Equipment was being sold in the Pro shop, but also the growing auction site eBay was another avenue to sell inventory.  3Balls began to post slower moving inventory to eBay, and to this day, used golf equipment is still posted on eBay for golfers to bid on and buy.

3Balls now sells through different channels, including the 3Balls.com website, eBay and Amazon.com.  In fact, 3Balls is the largest golf equipment seller on eBay and usually postings will be in the thousands daily.  The reputation on eBay is a stellar 99.9% positive feedback rating, and hundreds of thousands of transactions have been completed.

They specialize in used golf equipment and like-new branded golf equipment and is a perfect store for golf bargain hunters.  If you are familiar with the PGA.com value guide, 3Balls found and developed the guide in collaboration with eBay and PGA.com in order to publish a price guide to used golf equipment.  The PGA.com Value Guide, which is The Blue Book of Golf™, fills this need by being the National Standard for Golf Club Values™. To learn more, please click here.

3Balls.com is headquartered in West Bridgewater, MA with a group of employees handling all order processing, fulfillment, inventory processing, warehousing, customer service, business development and management.

Have you ever wondered why the name 3Balls was chosen?  Well, from the 3balls.com website, you’ll see the answer –  “Well if you look carefully at the Joe & Leigh’s Swap Shop sign near the top of the page, you’ll see in the corner there are 3 glass globes hanging behind the vintage golfer. Those 3 balls (get it?) are the universal symbol of traditional pawn shops and the inspiration for 3balls.com. That’s the inside story!”