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Golf Websites - Social Networks review

Stracka is a new online golf social network and golf community.  I have been using this site for the past several weeks and have found the site to be excellent.  Like all social networks, each person sets up a profile including your clubs, location, handicap and other information about yourself.   Each person can then connect to others through being friends and a forum is available to chat with everyone in the community.  What sets Stracka apart from other golfing networks is the golf courses, scoring, and stats.  

Stracka has a large database of existing golf courses around the world, and it grows as new people add courses that are not currently listed.  Each person can then join a course or add a course as their favorite.  This is the first step that is required to be able to post a score.  Each person can then join as many golf courses as they want.  Now that you have joined at least one golf course, you can start to post your scores.  They allow you to post a quick score, which is just your final score or you can add your score hole by hole. By adding your score hole by hole, a lot more information can be used later on.  The scoring system allows you to gather your hole score, green in regulation, fairway hit, and number of putts.  You can also enter your average driving distance.  After you have posted at least 5 scores, you will be assigned a handicap which is calculated according to the USGA.  Stracka is currently working with the USGA, and hopefully soon the handicap will be an official USGA handicap that can be used for tournaments and other events.

Once a few scores have been entered, you can now view your stats such as average score, average driving distance, GIR %, Fairway % and average putts per round.  This information can help you find the areas you need to improve and lower your scores.  You can also compare your statistics against other golfers such as your friends, PGA tour pros, and average statistics for different handicaps.  It's great fun.

Stracka Golf Score

Because golfers are pretty competitive, Stracka gives points to you as you do more things on the site, such as post on the forum, reply to posts on the forum, upload photos, upload videos and post scores.  Points will eventually help you achieve prizes and other fun things. 

One great feature is the video section.  You are able to upload videos of your swing and have people analyze your swing.  Some great information can be gathered from others analyzing your swing.  Even reading analysis on others videos is very helpful.

Meet new Golfers: The online community of golfers worldwide, create your own profile on for free!


Stracka is adding more functionality every day and improving the site.  They have added a mobile scoring and leaderboard feature for use on mobile phones with Internet access.  You can add your score hole by hole right on the course and your updated score will be posted on the live leaderboard.  If there are others on the course doing the same, you can see in real time everyones scores.  This is great for tournaments and groups larger than 4 people.  

Stracka Mobile Scoring Leaderboard Stracka Mobile Scoring


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