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Zepp Labs makes a range of swing analyzer’s for a range of sports including baseball, golf, and soccer.  We’ve focused squarely on the Zepp Golf solution for obvious reasons.  We received a free Zepp Golf setup for free in order to evaluate and review on the solution.  In addition to Zepp, there are other solutions available for the swing analyzer product offering and we’ll have other reviews available.

We’ve spent many hours using the different swing analyzer tools, and have come up with a set of criteria to evaluate and score in order to provide an accurate framework for you to make a decision if these tools are right for you.  We’ll score accuracy, ease of use, ease of setup, quality of analysis and durability.

Zepp Golf Overview

3D Golf Swing

The Zepp device (sensor) attaches to the back of your hand which enables the device to read data in spatial terms and report back to the app on your phone or tablet.  This enables the application to create a 3D view of each swing, and gives the ability of the user to rotate, tilt and view each swing.  I find this very useful to gain a look at the swing “from behind” and “from the side” to review the plane of position of the hands.  It’s very a very helpful feature to understand the planes of your swing.  There are two planes that are shown, one is the club path/plane and the other is the hand path/plane.  It’s important to view and understand the position of hands and club throughout the swing in order to effectively hit the ball properly.  The Zepp application provides this ability by allowing you to rotate, zoom, tilt and compare each swing in 3D.

Golf Swing Analytics and Data

The Zepp sensor will detect the beginning of each swing after proper calibration and setup during the initial setup phase.  Once a new golf swing has been detected, the sensor collects a lot of data and present useful analytics and information for you to use in order to make a better and more efficient swing.  The user must manually update the club that is being used in order for the data to be accurate, but once that has been accomplished, the golf swing data is presented about each swing.  The data includes club head speed, club plane, hand path, tempo, backswing position, hip rotation and more.   I found that I preferred the information and layout that Zepp provides as the most easy to use and understand of the swing aides that I have used.  It’s one thing to gather a large amount of data, but it has to be easy to understand and evaluate in order to make the most of the data.  In this case, you want to improve your golf swing and I found that Zepp allowed me to do this the best.  I was able to see my tempo (backswing speed vs downswing speed) along with a comparison of where my hands were and club head during the swing.  It’s important to have the hands ahead of the club and swing downward into the ball to hit the ball “pure” and Zepp’s information and presentation really allow you to work on this part of the swing.

I found that I was able to try out a lot of different ways of swinging “harder” in order to increase my club head speed.  This is a great tool for the beginners.  Typically a new golfer will try to swing too hard which actually slows club head speed because of poor form.  The Zepp sensor will quickly show the golfer that the club head speed in order to determine the best approach at generating more speed.  This can quickly, and easily teach someone to not swing so hard, but to find how to generate speed more efficiently.  All told, this should quickly eliminate many bad swings by amateurs if used properly on the practice range.

The Zepp application is quite easy to use and intuitive.  The company has continually updated the software, and it’s very easy to use.  During practice, it’s just a matter of going into the swing analysis mode, and swinging.  The data will automatically be displayed after each swing, and the sensor and application combination will detect when a new swing starts and ends.  The only input that is needed is if you are changing clubs, you’ll need to set the new club in the Zepp app.  The data that is presented is very easy to understand and make use of on the next swing.  It’s important that the data that is presented is easy to understand and utilize while practicing for immediate feedback.

Zepp Golf HandZepp Golf Sensor


Setup was pretty easy with the Zepp system and was by far one of the easiest to get setup and running.  As always, you’ll need to remember what type of connection the sensor supports in order to first get it connected to your phone or tablet device.  Zepp Golf is a blue tooth device sensor, which requires you to make sure that the Bluetooth connection is turned on, and then make sure the device connects to your phone.  This is done outside of the Zepp application, so make sure this step is done first or else problems will occur quickly when trying to make the device first.  So, once the Zepp  sensor is connected through bluetooth to the phone, the Zepp application can be started.

Once you have downloaded and started the Zepp application on your phone (Android or iPhone) or Android or iPad, you’ll be prompted to create a Zepp account.  The process is straight forward, and you’ll need to create an account to save all of your swing data.  Next, it’s the step to make sure the sensor is connected.  This is where it is important that you have already turned on bluetooth, and connected the sensor.  This step will be quick if you’ve turned on the sensor and the app will quickly find the sensor so that you can begin gathering data!

The next steps are quite easy, and it’s just a matter of filling out your profile and clubs that you have in your bad.  Because the device sensor is attached to the back of the golf glove, you’ll have to manually change which club you are hitting from application.  This will use the right algorithms to interrupt the data received and present accurate swing analysis information.  If the wrong club is selected, it produce incorrect analysis by using improper algorithms.

A calibration step will occur, and this is best done the first time you are using the Zepp Golf setup on the driving range.  You’ll need to attach the sensor to the back of the golf glove and then get in the golf stance.  This will set the proper initial starting values for your swing, and only needs to be done a single time unless you feel your setup has dramatically changed.


The update firmware process for the Zepp sensor is easy and intuitive.  The phone app will detect if new firmware is available and ask you if you would like to update the sensor.  If selected yes, the new firmware will be sent from the phone to the device and the update will take about 30 seconds and a reboot of the device.  All in all, it’s an easy process and made simple by the prompts on the application.

Zepp Golf Sensor Specifications

1.1in / 28mm
1.1in / 28mm
0.4in / 11mm
0.27oz / 7.7g
Dual accelerometers
3-axis gyroscope
Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
2.5 hour full charge cycle lasts up to 4 hours
Bluetooth 2.1
Bluetooth LE
Save Swings wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device

Zepp Golf Features

  • Replay and review your swing in 360 degrees from any angle
  • Track club head speed, swing plane, hand path, tempo, backswing position, hip rotation, and more
  • Compare and share your swing data with others
  • Set goals and track your improvement
  • Get personalized tips, drills, and coaching
  • Easily attaches to any golf glove and sends data via Bluetooth wireless to your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device after every swing
  • Captures more than 1,000 data points per second
  • Zepp sensor also works with Zepp Baseball (bat mount required) and Zepp Tennis (racket mount required)

Zepp Golf Durability

The Zepp Golf sensor is very durable, and can withstand some abuse if you leave it in your golf bag.  The attachment used to connect the sensor to your glove is sturdy, and if it breaks, you can just purchase another bracket without a whole new sensor.  Also, the charging attachment is nice and easy to use so that nothing will break when charging the device.  Overall, the design is simple and durable.  Some of the other solutions require attachment to the golf club itself and can break or fall apart.  The Zepp device is a sound solution and has lasted through many hours of testing.

Zepp Golf Accuracy

The accuracy of swing analysis tools are hard to objectively measure.  For the amateur, we think that if the data is reasonably accurate to a degree that the information can be used to make improvements, than it is deemed good enough.  We are not looking for pinpoint accuracy because it would not be beneficial to the average golfer and that is the mind that we take when evaluating equipment.

We found that the Zepp sensor was very accurate, and can easily see differences in positions of the hands and club when trying to make drastic differences.  We tested by making very poor swings in order to see if we could get a large enough difference in the analysis to show the difference between a good swing and poor swing.  This was definitely the case with the Zepp solution.  We found the sensor to be one of the more accurate sensors that we tried, and never had a situation where we had too many erroneous data points.  Every once in awhile the data would get skewed if you did not properly address the ball and allow the sensor to detect the beginning of the swing.

Zepp Golf Application


With any golf swing analyzer, you will improve your golf swing if you understand how to use the data and analytic information.  This really helps a golfer to practice with a purpose and truly improve the swing over time.  Many amateurs go to the driving range, and beat on a bucket of balls and then never get better.  It’s very important to understand where each weakness lies within the golf swing, and then target practice to remove each weakness.  Over time, the golf swing will improve and the muscle memory will kick in, and the benefits will be seen on the golf course.  Zepp Golf is one of the best of breed for the everyday golfer swing analysis tool.

We highly recommend the Zepp Golf solution and think that it’s one of the better golf swing analysis tools for the average golfer.

Visit Zepp now and purchase one of the two different Zepp Golf sensors.