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iGolf Neo GPS review

iGolf Neo GPS review

iGolf Neo GPS

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igolf neo gps unit
 iGolf Neo GPS

I recently purchased the iGolf Neo GPS device to use while golfing.  Up to this point in time, I have been using the golf course markings to find my distances for my next shot.  This practice isn’t to hard when you are in the fairway, but when you are not in the fairway, it is hard to find out the correct distance to the green.  I decided it was time to look for a golf GPS unit to purchase.  I did quite a bit of reading online and found that the iGolf neo had a lot of recommendations based upon price and functionality.

Golf GPS systems are becoming very popular these days, and they range in price from $150 to $500.  There is also a wide range of features and functionality in the different devices along with subscription services and access to GPS golf course maps.  The iGolf neo is the lowest cost GPS device on the market currently at $150.  This is much cheaper when compared to the SkyCaddie devices which range from price from $250 to $500.

The main requirements I had in a golf GPS unit was to give me accurate distances to the front, back and center of the green along with the ability to calculate the distances of my shots.  The iGolf neo met all of my requirements and was the least expensive device, so I decided to purchase the device and try it out.

The first round I played with the iGolf neo was with someone who had a SkyCaddie, so it was a perfect time to compare the readings from both devices.  I will say that the iGolf neo was within 1-2 yards of the SkyCaddie which was excellent.  I found throughout the round, that the accuracy of the iGolf neo was very good.  There was only one time when the iGolf neo was off by more than 20 yards compared to the golf cart GPS, but the SkyCaddie was off by the same distance.  I attribute this problem to the course map rather than to the accuracy of the iGolf neo.

The main features of the unit were to provide the distances to the Front, Back and Center of the green, along with 4 custom locations per hole.  While using the unit on the golf course, you are able to add custom points, such as greenside bunkers, fairway bunkers and doglegs.  The course map didn’t have many custom points programmed in, so it is up to the user to add these points.  Its very easy to add the custom locations even without reading the manual.  


The iGolf neo is very easy to use.  There are 6 main buttons on the device: power, screen, up, down, ok/shot, menu/escape.  It very easy to use the different keys to navigate the system. I feel very confident

igolf neo gps unit


that anyone could pick up the unit and use it effectively without reading the instructions.

The one feature that I love is the shot distance feature.  After you hit your shot, you click the shot button twice which tells the unit to start the distance measurement from that point. The unit now shows you the distance reading in real time.  As you move the distance will start to increase.  Once you are at the new location of the golf ball, you once again click the shot button. Now your final shot distance is locked in and won’t change again so that you can move around but still keep the shot distance.  I love this feature as it helps me keep track of the my driving distances, along with figuring out how long my different irons go.  This has been an invaluable tool so far.

The Unit holds 10 golf course maps.  The unit does not come with any preloaded maps, so if you must subscribe to the iGolf website to be able to download already generated golf course gps maps.  If you want, you can map the course yourself by using the map golf course feature on the unit, but I suggest subscribing to the iGolf system so that you can get all the maps that you will need.  The subscription feature costs $35/yr and allows you to download up to 100 course per year.  That is more than enough courses for anyone but the most active golfers.  Here’s the great thing about the iGolf neo.  You can download the golf course maps to your laptop.  Now changing the golf maps on your unit is as easy as running the synch program to load new courses onto your device.  Once you have downloaded the course, you will never have to download it to your computer again as it is already there.  I suggest that you subscribe to the iGolf website for 1 year and download 100 courses and then cancel the subscription.  This is in contrast to the SkyCaddie unit which requires a subscription to their service or else the unit will not work anymore.

 igolf neo websiteigolf neo website

Loading the software and synching the unit to your computer is a breeze.  By the time I opened the box to the time I had 2 courses on my unit was less than 10 minutes.  Everything was very easy, and the unit connects to your computer through a USB cable.   The battery life of the unit is more than enough for multiple rounds, and to recharge the unit, you can connect it to your computer through a USB cable.  It also comes with this need USB to AC adapter which allows you to use the USB cable to plug the unit into a wall outlet to recharge.  This was a great addition.

In conclusion, I highly suggest purchasing the iGolf Neo GPS if you ware looking for a golfing GPS system.  The price point is excellent, and the functionality is perfect for the everyday golfer.   

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igolf neo gps box

• Instantly displays key distances on the course

• Holds 10 GPS course files

• 4 custom points per hole

• Uses an internal Lithium-ion battery

• Works on any course in the world

• No aiming or line of sight required

• Improves course management

• Accurate Shot Distance feature

• Helps lower score and handicap




Front, Center, Back: Yes

Custom Points: 4

Shot Distance Calculator: Yes

Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Life: Up to 16 Hours

GPS Receiver: Sirf Star III

Screen: 80 x 120 High-contrast LCD Screen

Dimensions: 1.75″ x 3.25″ x .75″

Belt Clip: Included

Weight: 2.5 oz

Channels: 20 Channel

Contents of Box

igolf neo box contents

iGolf Neo

Power Cord/Adaptor

USB Sync Cable

Software CD [Drivers & Sync Application]

Belt Clip

Quickstart Guide

User Manual



The iGolf Neo is ready to use out of the box without the requirement of any additional software or hardware if you want to map your own golf course. However a computer and internet access are required if you would like to download pre-mapped golf courses from iGolf.com. In order to download pre-mapped golf courses you will need a Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me or Windows 98* computer with a USB port. You will also need a subscription to iGolf.com.

*Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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