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Srixon TriSpeed Golf Ball Review

Srixon Trispeed golf balls
Srixon Trispeed Golf Ball Review

I recently picked up a dozen of the Srixon Trispeed Golf Balls to try out and write a review. When you think of Srixon golf balls, you most likely think of the Z-Star product line since that is Srixon’s top of the line golf ball and is the ball used by several golf pro’s today. The Srixon Trispeed is a more affordable 3-piece golf ball that is targeted towards the amateur player with swing speeds greater than 70MPH. The Trispeed is a ball for longer driver distance, and a softer feel on the green. Srixon has built a lot of technology into this golf ball, such as it’s Energetic Gradient Growth core technology, Powershear dimple design, and a highly resilient and soft Rabalon HR+ and Pana-Tetra blended mid layer. These days, the technology that goes into a golf ball is amazing, and companies attach brandable names to this technology, however most golfers do not understand the technology enough to make use the marketing. Golfers just want to know a few things about a golf ball, driver distance, spin, feel. So that’s what we’ll cover in this review.

The Srixon Trispeed comes in a Trispeed Tour model as well as the standard Trispeed

Srixon Trispeed Golf Balls

Srixon Trispeed off of the Tee

I found hitting the Trispeed a pleasure with my driver. I played a full 18 holes with the Srixon Trispeed to get a good feel for the golf ball. I was able to fly the golf ball my typical 260-270 yards with a nice piercing ball flight. The golf ball did not launch too high for me, but was able to get airborne enough to carry a good distance. I was quite happy with the performance.


Srixon Trispeed on Approach

Accoring to Srixon, the Trispeed is not a high spin ball, thus applying a lot of spin on approach shots, and chip shots will be difficult to do. I didn’t notice any issue with spin throughout the whole day I used the golf ball on the course. I was able to hit my iron approach shots and stick the ball on the green. I was even able to back up a 7-iron on clean contact. I don’t think anyone will find any problems keeping the ball on the green with an approach shot with good contact.



Srixon Trispeed around the Green

The day I used the Trispeed I had my share of shots around the green. I enjoyed the feel of the ball around the greens when using my wedges. This is where I noticed the lack of spin the most. I didn’t generate as much spin around the green on chip or pitch shots as with some of the more premium golf balls. After I got the feel of the golf ball, I was able to play my chips a little differently to compensate for the lack of spin. The ball is still an improvement over some of it’s competing golf balls, but there is a definite difference from the premium golf balls.



Srixon Trispeed on the Green

In my mind, this is where the Trispeed shined for me. The feel of the ball with the putter was soft and consistent. When I made a good putting stroke, the ball was consistent, and felt great. I had perhaps one of my best putting rounds of 2010 with the Srixon Trispeed.

Srixon Trispeed golf BallsSrixon Trispeed Golf Balls