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Best Golf Ball for me?

Which Golf Ball is right for me?

It seems like one of the more difficult tasks a golfer encounters is choosing the right golf ball for their game.  Technology has advanced golf balls tremendously over the past couple of decades, and it can be confusing when trying to choose the right golf ball.  Different factors come into play when trying to determine which golf ball is best for you.  Factors that need to be evaluated are your skill level, game deficiencies, skill level, feel, and what you want out of your shots.  

Golf Bargain Hunters has listed out some golf balls for differening skill levels, along with information about the different types of golf balls and the technology involved.

Skilled Player

If you are a skilled player with a handicap of 10 or less and have a high swing speed above 90 mph, you should be looking for a softer ball that spins more.  This ball should have a 3 or 4 piece construction. Here are the top picks from Golf Bargain Hunters:

Titleist Pro V1/Pro V1x

Voted best performance leader by Golf Digest, the Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are the most popular golf ball among golfers of all skill levels

The latest in Titleist Pro V1 golf ball innovations include a softer Urethane Elastomer cover. A staggered wave parting line for enhanced ball flight and longer hitting distance. Also, the Alignment Integrated Marking (AIM) side stamp, that is new for this year and serves as an integrated alignment guide for putting.

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls feature a soft compression, high velocity core and higher coverage 392 dimple design for consistency over long distances. The Pro V1 offers softer feel, more spin, and a higher trajectory off every club.

The Titleist Pro V1x offers a soft center dual core for lower spin and greater distance than the Pro V1. It has a 332 dimple design and is a 4 piece golf ball. This creates a ball that feels harder than the ProV1.

Titleist Recycled Golf Balls from $4.95/dozen


Callaway Tour IX

Callaway Tour IX was engineered to elevate the Tour performance and give golfers an edge over their competitors. These balls feature a 4-piece construction, a refined HEX Aerodynamic dimple patterns to further reduce drag and increase stability.

Around the inner core is a tungsten-infused outer core that’s supposed to shift weight away from the center, reducing driver spin which results in more distance and longer shot. It also gives a better feel and reduces higher ball speeds for maximum carry.

It also features a new soft urethane cover provides enhanced feel with excellent short-game spin for premium greenside control.

Callaway Recycled Golf Balls from $4.95/dz


Callaway Tour IX Black

Callaway HX series have been ranked the preference leader for 2007 and is discontinued but still available for sale. It was replaced by the Callaway Tour IX. These balls feature 3-piece construction, HEX Aerodynamic dimple patterns and sub-HEX design for increased consistency and reduced drag.

The Callaway HX offers a rubber like Dupont™ HPF mantel and faster high-resiliency core to maximize ball velocity for hotter performance and longer distance.

Callaway Recycled Golf Balls from $4.95/dz


Bridgestone B330 / B330S

Ranked as the technology leader by Golf Digest, the Bridgestone B330 series offers seamless 330 dimple design for superior accuracy and flight consistency. The newly enhanced speed elasticity core provides increased velocity and distance.

The Bridgestone B330s features a softer core, reengineered Ionomer inner layer and improved Urethane cover provide greater spin and a softer feel than the B330. The S has a softer feel and generates more spin, off every club, than th

e standard B330.

Bridgestone Recycled Golf Balls from $5.95/dz


Weekend / Recreational Golfer

Average players benefit from distance balls with medium spin and 2 – 3 piece construction. Inconsistent or infrequent players or those with a handicap 20 or more benefit most from harder, low spin balls with two piece construction. Here are the top picks from Golf Bargain Hunters:

Titleist NXT Tour

The Titleist NXT Tour is a well-rounded ball with soft feel, long distance and spin. Its three-piece construction includes a soft, thin fusablend cover for soft feel and added control.

The New Titleist NXT Extreme + Free Dozen is designed for distance with sacrificing feel and greenside playability. This ball features a high compression COR core, increased dimple coverage design and Staggered Wave Parting Line.

Titleist Recycled Golf Balls from $4.95/dozen


Bridgestone e5+ / e6+

The Bridgestone E5+ offers two-piece ball construction with an explosive larger, gradational compression core for longer carry and greater spin. The ball’s Urethane cover and 330 seamless dimple design increase aerodynamics and provides improved control.

The Bridgestone E6+ features three-piece low compression construction. Made with a soft gradational compression energy core, and anti-spin, high velocity mantel and a soft Surlyn® cover, this ball offers a soft feel with lower spin.

Bridgestone Recycled Golf Balls from $5.95/dz


Nike One

Nike One and Nike One Black offers a crisp feel, penetrating trajectory, and better accuracy on distance shots. Engineered for maximum distance and more efficient transfer of energy off the tee, this ball features a progressive density core that improves feel and reduces spin.

The Nike One Platinum features four-piece construction with a softened, seamless Urethane cover with 378 dimple pattern for better feel, improved aerodynamics and added carry

Nike Recycled Golf balls from $4.95/dz