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Review Cleveland CG14 wedges

Cleveland CG14 Wedge Review

The CG14 wedge offers a perfect balance of performance, versatility and forgiveness. The club design integrates Cleveland Golf’s most advanced manufacturing and feel technology with a tour scrutinized shape, sole and offset. ZIP Grooves Technology will allow players incredible ball stopping ability while the Gelback insert provides players with a soft feel at impact. The sole was engineered to promote consistent impact, and the tour designed offset creates a controlled flight on full shots.


  • ZIP Grooves: milled to optimize spin and improve consistency
  • Gelback Insert: provides a soft, yet responsive feel
  • Slight Tour Offset: improves control of flight on full shots

Golf Bargain Hunter’s Review

I recently purchased the 54 and 60 degree CG14 Wedges from Cleveland.  These are great wedges and the spin generated from the face is good.  I found myself hitting much better and pure shots with my wedges as soon as I started playing these wedges. I give two thumbs up for the Cleveland CG14 wedges.

The Zip Groove Technology in the CG-14 Wedge is a patented technology.  Typically grooves are rounded from the top to the bottom of the groove, however the Zip Groove’s are square.  Square grooves provide more surface area, which can handle more dirt, sand and grass which will provide better contact and result in more spin.  With a more solid, consistent shot, the mid to high handicapper can better control their shots and accuracy.

As you have noticed in the pictures of the CG-14 Wedge, it contains a orange piece on the back of the clubface.  This is Cleveland’s Gelback technology and is another patented technology on the CG-14 Wedge.  The gelback insert reduces vibration on the clubhead without taking away the feel of the club.  This helps when you are playing a round in colder weather and hit a ball thin.  Instead of having your hands go numb with vibrations, the orange gelback with reduce a lot of the sting.

The sole of the wedge is fairly large and forgivining.  The mid to high handicapper will really benefit from this wedge, as it allows you to hit solid shots without the club digging into the ground and hitting a fat shot.  I know this has helped my wedge play tremendously since I bought the club.

I think the look of the CG-14 Wedge is very likable, however some may not like the orage gelback.  But from a performance point of view, the Cleveland CG-14 Wedge is an excellent choice to add to your bag.
The CG-14s come in 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60-degree models, with standard and low bounce options on the 54 through 60 degree models.

From The Manufacturer

On each Cleveland CG14 wedge, the grooves are milled to maximum conforming dimensions using a proprietary CNC mill bit to create envelope-stretching geometry. To improve shot consistency, the new groove geometry was coupled with an innovative plating process – making ZIP Grooves Cleveland Golf’s most consistent, precise, and visible wedge technology to date.

54 Deg DW
64 Deg
9 Deg
56 Deg SW
64 Deg
14 Deg
60 Deg LW
64 Deg
12 Deg

Introducing ZIP Grooves from Cleveland Golf—the latest envelope-stretching technology from the #1 wedge in golf. This breakthrough technology for the CG12 wedge features consistent milling of each groove to maximum conforming dimensions. The absolute integrity of these grooves is maintained by the application of a proprietary coating to each groove for protection during the face sandblasting process. The resulting ZIP Grooves are pristine and shiny, Cleveland’s biggest and most precisely milled ever. Bring on the zip. Bring on the spin. Bring on the game.

The technology of Zip Grooves creates a larger groove volume which channels more debris than traditional grooves to improve contact with the ball. This milling optimizes spin on each and every shot – making Zip Grooves perfect for players that expect optimal spin and distance control.

Cleveland CG14 Black Pearl Wedge with Standard Bounce