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GolfLogix iPhone App Review

GolfLogix iPhone App review

GolfLogix: Golf GPS
GolfLogix iPhone App Review
You may be aware of the company GolfLogix which makes the GolfLogix golf gps devices. Up until recently, the golf gps craze involvedt dedicated gps devices for golf. The devices were only used for golfing and came in many different flavors. With the explosion of sales of the iPhone and iPhone applications, many developers started to create golf GPS apps for the iPhone. The iPhone includes a GPS and 3G data connection which is ideal for creating a golf GPS app. GolfLogix is one of the first golf gps companies to create an iPhone application version.

I downloaded the GolfLogix iPhone app and took the application for a spin for a recent round to give it a try. The GolfLogix app is a “free” application download, however, the Champion membership is free for 24 hrs which allows you to try it out once. After the 24 hr period, you must upgrade to a paid membership to gain access to the champion membership. Otherwise you will stay club member. Not to worry though, most all functionality that you will need is available as a club member! More on the memberships below.

The GolfLogix application has all of the functionality that you need in a golf GPS. The application will select the correct course based upon your current location when starting your round, and the app will also auto-advance to the next hole based upon your location. This is an ease of use feature that some of the other golf GPS units have and is a great feature in my opinion. You can measure the distance of any shot by clicking on the shot measurement button at the spot of your shot, and move to the finish point to read the distance. The greenview is pretty limiting, and basically provides just the distance to the front, center and back of the green. The screen is hard to see, and doesn’t provide much detail in regards to the shape and contour of the green on approach. The app does provide distances to hazards and targets which is beneficial. Once the hole is complete, and you start to move towards the next tee, the application will ask for your score, along with number of putts, chips, sand shots, and penalties.

Membership Levels

Club Member

As a club member, which is free, provides many features that make the application a great download.

  • FREE unlimited use of the 25,000 course scorecards worldwide
  • Full digital scorecard for up to 4 players
  • Aerial image of every hole
  • Track stats like fairways hit, green in regulations, putting and more
  • Your own club member webpage in the GolfLogix clubhouse

Champion Member

For $39.95 per year, you can become a Champion member and receive the following additional benefits and features such as more precise distances to targets and greens and more stats.

Once you are done with your round, you can synch the stats and scores to the GolfLogix website, where you can log in through a PC and view and review all of your stats and rounds.Battery Life

Because the application uses the GPS constantly, the application will drain the battery quite fast. GolfLogix suggests starting with a full battery and changing the backlight brightness to 50% or lower along with turning off auto-brightness. These can be managed through settings->brightness.I started my round with a full battery and followed GolfLogix’s suggestions and was able to barely complete my round when I received the low battery warning from the iPhone (20% battery remaining).It might be wise to buy and use a battery extender.

Other smartphones supported

In addition to the iPhone, GolfLogix can be downloaded to more than a dozen GPS-enabled phones including the BlackBerry Curve™, BlackBerry Bold™, BlackBerry Tour™ and BlackBerry Storm™, Storm 2™, Motorola DROID, HTC Touch Pro™ and more.


I was quite impressed with the GolfLogix golf gps iPhone application. As a free application, it is extremely valuable and can save you a lot of money from purchasing a dedicated golf gps device. If you have an iPhone or one of the other supported devices, I highly recommend downloading the application and giving it a try.

Get the FREE GolfLogix iPhone app now! GolfLogix: Golf GPS

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