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2010 Valentine’s Day Golf Ideas

2010 Valentine’s Day Golf Deals

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and several golf retailers are running shipping specials for orders today and tomorrow in order to receive the items before 2/14/2010.

Taylormade Golf Pre-owned

Free 2 day shipping on orders over $199. Must select 2 day shipping on checkout. Code Code: VALENTINE
Good only 2/8/2010 and 2/9/2010

Visit Taylormade Golf Pre-owned and use the appropriate coupon code

Global Golf

Free 3-day Express Shipping on all orders over $149. Must select 3 day shipping on checkout. Coupon Code: CUPID
Expires 2/8/2010

Free Ground Shipping on orders over $99. Coupon Code: VALENTINE
Expires 2/8/2010

Visit Global Golf and use one of the two Valentine Coupon Codes above

Callway Golf

Get a $100 mail-in rebate at Shop.CallwayGolf.com if you buy a uPro Golf GPS. If you have not seen the uPro golf GPS, it is an excellent GPS unit for any golfer

Callaway uPro
Visit Shop.CallawayGolf.com and look at the uPro Golf GPS, you’ll see what the hype is about.


Amazon has the lowest price we’ve seen on the Leupold GX-I Golf Rangefinder. Rangefinders are very accurate for determining distance because they use a laser to determine the distance to objects (such as the flag). This is different than a GPS unit, which uses satellites to determine the distance, and GPS units have an inherent error (~ 3 feet) due to the way GPS works.

Golf Trunk
– A great Valentines gift is a golf trunk. This trunk fits in the trunk of your car, and allows you to store all of your golf related items in a neat a safe manner

Lost Golf Galls

Does your valentine need some golf balls for the upcoming golf season? LostGolfBalls.com has 2010 golf balls now. This is a great way to buy premium balls at a big discount. LostGolfBalls.com sells used/recycled golf balls. They clean the golf balls, and provide a rating to them. The highest quality rating delivers a golf ball that is very close to new.

Bridgestone B330-RX
Visit LostGolfBalls.com and see the great prices on used golf balls


A great gift to give to a golfer, is to purchase their favorite brand of golf balls, and personalize them. Golfers like to mark their balls because it allows them to distinguish their ball from their player partner’s ball in addition to identifying the ball if lost in the woods or tall grass. What if you gave your valentine a gift of their favorite golf balls with their name printed on them? Tiger Woods has his own Nike Golf Balls with the name Tiger printed on each ball he uses. This is a great gift idea. Golfballs.com offers the largest selection of new, custom logo & personalized golf balls on the planet!

Check out their Valentine’s special, use coupon code: MYWAY and receive FREE personalization if you order 3 dozen or more golf balls!

Rock Bottom Golf

RockBottomGolf.com is providing free 2-Day Guaranteed Shipping with any order over $125 for Valentines Day.

Select 2-Day shipping and use coupon code: VALENTINES at checkout