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Fiz Golf – Club and Ball Cleaner


Fiz Golf – Golf Club and Ball Cleaner

I bought the Fiz Golf club and ball cleaner because I needed to get my order at {aclc id=39} over $75 to receive free shipping.  I’m glad that I decided to give Fiz Golf a try.  I have a hard time keeping my clubs clean, especially during a round.  The Fiz Golf Club Cleaner is a great tool to easily keep your clubs clean.  It’s as easy as open the tool, spraying the foam on the club head and scrubbing the head with the built in scrubber.  It does a fantastic job of cleaning the head from grim and grass.  I mainly was interested in the Fiz Golf Cleaner for my clubs, but it works equally well on grips and balls.  I know that I will be using this cleaner for a long time to come.



Buy this foaming all-in-one cleaner and brush to get the most out of your grooves, grips, spikes and golf balls. Features:


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  • Carabiner lid attaches to bag for easy and convenient access
  • Foaming agent cleans golf ball dimples for a more accurate shot trajectory
  • Scientifically formulated to dissolve dirt and grass
  • Cleans clubface grooves for more precise contact
  • Restores grips for better control
  • Over 350 Sprays


Here is an image of my club head after using it on the short game area.  This is a before cleaning shot.

Dirty Club FizGolf


I’ve sprayed the foam onto the club head.  I sprayed a little too much because I was concentrating on taking a picture.

Club with FizGolf


Here is an image of the wedge after cleaning.  Notice that it clean the clubhead and grooves very well.  This whole process takes less than 30 seconds.

Clean Club after FizGolf


I also created a video to show the process.  It was a windy day, so please excuse the sound.


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Here are some more images that I took

FizGolf PackagingFizGolf