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Scratch Golf Wedges – 8620 milled golf wedge

Scratch Golf Wedge

Scratch Golf Wedges – 8620 milled golf wedge

I purchased a Scratch Golf Wedge from {aclc id=39} when they had them in stock and selling for $99.  I didn't pay $99 though, because they had a "Name you price" option for these excellent wedges.  Read more about the great deal on Scratch Golf Wedges for under $75 – New Factory Sealed.  I ended up paying $72 for the wedge and added a Fiz Golf – Club and Ball Cleaner to bring my total over $75 to receive free shipping.


I bought a 56 degree Scratch Driver/Slider  8620 milled wedge.  I used the Scratch Golf Fitting tool to determine which wedge was proper for my golf swing.  You can read about the fitting process at Scratch Golf.  Basically they make different sole grinds on their wedges to help different types of swings.  So it is important to buy the correct sole grind.  


Scratch Golf makes golf wedges, but also full iron sets.  They are known for their high quality irons, especially the wedges.  If you have not tried a Scratch Golf wedge yet, you really need to try them out.  They are great to hit and very consistent.  Because the grinds are made to match your swing type, it translates into more consistent and quality wedge shots.


Again, I ordered the Scratch wedge from {aclc id=39} and I was very happy to see the following box on my front door steps a couple of days later.


Scratch Golf Wedge -  Rock Bottom Golf BoxScratch Golf Wedge - Rock Bottom Golf Box


I opened the box and my Fiz Golf club cleaner and Scratch wedge were there waiting for me use as soon as I could get to the driving range.  I've included a lot of images below to show how great looking this wedge really is.  You notice that Scratch logo imprinted on the back of the club head and the beautiful chrome finish.  I was able to try the wedge out on the short game area, and on the range.  Unfortunately their was a very strong wind that day, which isn't unusual in the Dallas area in the spring time.


Short game

I hit many balls from different distances to see how the Scratch wedge performed.  I was immediately impressed with the club, as the grind was perfect for my type of swing and I was consistently hitting the ball.  Each shot was going the same distance with a small amount of variability.  This is important to create confidence in your chipping/short game.  The face of the wedge is great, because the grooves invoke plenty of spin.  I was hitting solid chips that had plenty of spin to control the distance and have the ball stop where I wanted it to.


Full Shots

My initial tests were directly into a very strong wind, so it wasn't the best conditions to try out the wedge, but I just couldn't wait to try it out.  Again, the sole grind was perfect for my swing, and I was consistently hitting the ball where I wanted.  I did notice that I was still hitting the ball a good distance, even into the wind.  This is because I was making good, clean contact with the ball allowing the ball to travel through the wind.  A strong wind will really punish poorly hit shots, so I was impressed with shots I was hitting giving me confidence with the wedge.


From the Manufacturer


8620 Milled

Each 8620 wedge is CNC milled to exact specs using one of our six standard sole grinds. Each grind is specifically designed to fit one of the 3 swing types: Digger/Driver, Driver/Slider, and Slider/Sweeper. Playing the correct grind for your swing promotes more consistent contact as the club works with your swing instead of against it.


Scratch 8620 wedges are milled from the same 8620 mild carbon steel as the other leading wedges on the market. 8620’s are CNC milled to ensure a perfectly flat face. The milling creates additional spin due to the textured surface on the face.


8620 wedges feature Scratch’s proprietary ABC groove technology. ABC stands for “all bite no chew” and these grooves deliver just that. Our machined grooves are maximum width and depth for maximum spin but the edges are slightly rounded to reduce chewing your golf ball. The face is milled to assure a perfectly flat surface.


The headshape of the 8620 is a classic teardrop head, with a high toe and a slightly rounded leading edge. The headshape design was based on feedback from our JLM lide as well as Tour Pros around the globe.


The 8620 wedges feature Scratch’s Brushed Satin finish. This finish provides the durability of chrome with a duller surface to help eliminate glare. The minimal stampings of the 8620 wedges provide a very clean look unique to the Scratch Golf brand and allow for personal stampings to be added to the wedge.


Scratch 8620 wedges feature a wedge flex KBS Tour shaft that is unique to Scratch Golf. We worked with legendary shaft designed Kim Braley for more than a year to create the ultimate wedge shaft. This shaft has a tighter dispersion and increased playability on less than full shots. Other custom shafts are also available.


All Scratch 8620 wedges ordered online offer the following custom options at no additional charge: custom ferrule, up to three letters stamped on the club, choice of paintfill on the lettering. True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts are also available at no additional charge. Scratch also offers a variety of custom shafts and custom grips for an additional charge. SST shaft puring is also available for an additional charge.



Scratch 56 degree golf wedgeScratch Golf Wedge shaft

Scratch Golf WedgeScratch Golf Wedge

Scratch Golf WedgeScratch Golf Wedge

Scratch Golf WedgeScratch Golf Wedge

Scratch Golf WedgeScratch Golf Wedge

Scratch Golf WedgeScratch Golf Wedge

Scratch Golf Wedge