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Daily Deal Golf Site – GroupGolfer.com

Daily Deal Golf Site – GroupGolfer.com


With the recent rise of Groupon and Living Social, I’ve started to notice specific golf related daily deal sites.  I previously discussed iDealGolfer.com and now I would like to discuss {aclc id=28}.  iDealGolfer.com has basically focused on the Dallas-Ft. Worth TX area, and is now expanding into the Austin, TX.  GroupGolfer seems to have started in Michigan, and is trying to expand to other markets.  I’m from the Dallas, TX area, so when I went to sign up for GroupGolfer, there were no daily deals going on.  It appears that they are trying to gain subscribers in particular areas to expand their customers before they launch into other markets.

I changed my area to Michigan so that I could see what they have going on in that market.  Michigan is by far their most busy market as they have had many previous deals.  Unlike iDealGolfer.com, GroupGolfer seems to have golf equipment and other types of daily deals, not just green fees.  I’ll cover some of the golf equipment daily deal sites in the future, but there are sites exclusively dedicated to golf equipment.  California is another state where they have started to do daily deals.  The other states seem to be idle at this moment.

How it works

GroupGolfer is similar to other daily deal sites.  The first step is to be aware of the current daily deal.  You can visit the website to review the deal, or through your subscription, you will receive an email as new deals are started.  This is a nice feature, that all sites do, so you don’t have to visit the website everyday to see the new deals.

The second step is to click the buy button when you see a deal that is interesting to you.  For the deal to go through, enough people have to buy the deal, so it makes it necessary to share the deal with your friends and family.  GroupGolfer makes this very easy by providing the capability to easily share the deal through your Facebook account.  This benefits both yourself by locking in the deal, but also benefits the company putting on the deal.  This is great advertising for the company even if people do not purchase the deal.  Their name and information is virally spread through the Internet and Facebook.

The last step, is when enough people buy the deal, the deal is locked and you will be able to print off the coupon from within the GroupGolfer website through your account.  Some of the deals have limitations and expiration dates, so make sure you check on these before you click buy.

GroupGolfer Deal

The above image is an example of the current daily deal going on for GroupGolfer Michigan.

GroupGolfer Deal Buys

On the deal page, a graphic shows if the deal is on or off, and how many people have currently purchased the deal.  If the deal is off, and you really want it to lock in, then you are more than likely to spread the word and get your friends to buy.

How it benefits Golf Companies

GroupGolfer provides a platform that provides a golf course, golf equipment company, or golf instruction company the ability to increase their brand awareness, gain new customers and generate immediate revenue.  Even if someone does not buy the particular deal, the company will have exclusive exposure during the deal time for all of GroupGolfer’s subscribers.  This can pay off in the long run by increasing awareness about your brand and lead to more customers.

In the short term, each deal will bring in immediate revenue and customers.  The goal is to turn those immediate customers into repeat customers.

GroupGolfer’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our clients and our vendors with a friendly environment that helps establish a mutually beneficial relationship. In doing so, we believe we can not only provide a first-rate experience to our customers, but also tangible benefits to our businesses as well — all the while serving to nurture and grow the wonderful game of golf.

Visit {aclc id=28} today and start to save money on your golf addiction!