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Dr. Mulligans Golf Balls

Dr. Mulligan’s Golf Balls

Dr. Mulligan’s Golf Balls sells “like new” golf balls from many of the most popular golf ball manufacturers.  This means the golf balls are used, but in great condition.  Dr. Mulligan’s only sells golf balls in one condition, and that is “like new”.  When ordering golf balls, you only have one choice in condition, and that means you will receive golf balls without scuffing, without pen marks and without visible blemishes on the balls.  Unlike many of the other used golf ball sellers who sell golf balls in different types of conditions, Dr. Mulligans will provide you with an excellent condition golf ball.  And to top it off, the pricing on their products is the best on the market.

We have looked at many of the used golf ball sites looking for the best pricing for the “like new” category of golf balls, and Dr. Mulligan’s has the best pricing.  We even have a coupon code that will save you 10% on your order bringing the pricing that much further under the other companies.  If you want to buy more than 1 dozen, then there is even more of a discount.  You have the choice of buying 4 dozen or 8 dozen of the same model which adds additional savings.

Read their FAQ to read more about their offerings.

Also check out their competitive pricing chart to review Dr. Mulligan’s pricing against some of the other competitors in the used golf ball space.

Brands Include:
Nike™ • Maxfli™ • Titleist™ • Callaway™ • Ben Hogan™ • Bridgestone™ and more…