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PGATour Superstore

PGATour Superstore

The PGA Tour Superstore is a gofl equipment and practice store.  They have locations throughout the United States and sell almost anything golf and tennis related.

PGATour Superstore Tennis CourtThe store is very large and has a lot of room to use different clubs so that you have plenty of places to try before you buy.  They even have a full tennis court inside the building, along with an area to practice chipping, sand shot (yes they have a small sand trap), putting, and nets to hit full golf shots into.  They have a learning area, where you can take golf lessons right in the store.  Each lesson area is a cube area outfitted with a camera and computer so that you can see exactly what your swing looks like, and how the ball would have flown.


PGATour Superstore Putting GreenThey have practice areas where you can rent a space to hit irons into a net.  This may not sound like a good deal, except that each area is outfitted with a camera and computer.  This allows you to analyze each shot by seeing spin rate, trajectory, swing speed, distance, and location of each shot.  It is a lot of fun and a great way to become more knowledgable about your swing.  Sometimes they will even let you use the space for free to try out new clubs if you want to try out something before you buy.


PGATour Superstore Chipping AreaOf course they have a putting area, with a very large selection of all the latest putters.  I find it a lot of fun to try out all of the $300 Scotty Cameron putters to see if they would actually help my putting or not.

The selection of golf equipment, golf accessories, and golf apparel is very large.  This store is a great place to pick up a new piece of eqiupment that you want immediately.  

 The PGATour superstore also has an online store, but it is a lot more fun to go into the actual store and play for an PGATour Superstore Training Areahour or two.

Store Locations

Atlanta, GA (Buckhead)  Myrtle Beach, SC 
Roswell, GA Plano, TX (Accent Dr)
Kennesaw, GA Frisco, TX (Preston Rd)
Duluth, GA Chandler, AZ
North Myrtle Beach, SC Scottsdale, AZ


Inside the Store

To take strokes off your game – without using an eraser – you need a combination of proper education, precise clubfitting, personal instruction, and effective training aids. All these things and more are always available to you at any PGA TOUR Superstore.


Get treated like a pro even if you don’t spend like one. Let our experienced staff clubmakers help ensure that your clubs are fitted for your game. And try our in-store simulators for customized feedback on your swing and ball selection.


Don’t let the name fool you. We’re just as serious about taking care of tennis fanatics. Find the quality staff, service, and selection of products you need to love your tennis game even more.