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Tiger Woods returning at The Masters?

Tiger Woods returning to Golf at The Masters? 

It sounds like Tiger Woods has hired Ari Fleischer to handle PR for his likely upcoming return to golf.  If you do not know who Ari Fleischer is, he was George W Bush’s former press secretary.  Tiger Woods’ image has been severely damaged since late November when word started to get out about Tiger’s extramarital affairs.  Since that fateful November car crash, many women have come into the public and confessed to relations with Tiger Woods while he was married to Elin.

I’m not sure how effective hiring Air Fleischer will be for Tiger’s image.  He has been out of public view for a couple of months now, and the only press event he has held was at Sawgrass where he read a long, prepared speech.  I believe that he needs to start being a little more open and in the public eye before people will change their image about him.  Maybe Fleischer will guide Tiger through what needs to be done? I hope he won’t be speaking for Tiger as that will just be a disaster in the making…  People want to hear information directly from Tiger.

In the long term, I think Tiger Woods will be just fine as long as he keeps out of trouble.  This whole scandal will fall out of favor, and Tiger will go on winning golf tournaments and brining in money for the PGA Tour.  It just takes time…

So, with the hiring of Fleischer, it seems that Tiger is getting closer to returning to golf.  The speculation is rampant at this time.  I’ve heard three different tournaments where he might return; Bay Hill, Tavistock Cup, and The Masters.  I would think that Tiger would want to return to a tournament where he won’t have a big affect on the actual tournament itself.  It will be hard for Tiger to return and play well since he hasn’t been playing much golf, and he’ll have so many distractions with the media.  I can’t see him returning for The Masters as his first event, it will be a madhouse.  I still think he’ll return at the Tavistock Cup, as it’s the best situation and tournament for him to return…