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Rory McIlroy and Horizon Sports Settle Court Case

Rory McIlroy has mentioned in the past that the court case with Horizon Sports has been affecting him, so it must be a relief to finally have it past him.  Both sides did not speak after the announcement, and the only communication was just a VERY brief note stating that the case has been resolved and agreed upon and both parties are happy.  It’s being reported that McIlroy will be required to pay $20m as part of the settlement, but it is just an unconfirmed number at this point.

The dispute started when McIlroy thought the amount of payments to Horizon were too excessive, and ultimately he left the management company.  Horizon Sports then sued McIlroy for breach of contract – this all went down around the time of the brand new Nike contract that Rory signed for upwards of $100m.  So, the figures were of substance and hence the $20m number for fees owed.

After just winning the Dubai Desert Classic, and winning 4 of his last 7 events on the European tour, of which the other 3 were runner-up finishes, he shouldn’t have a problem handing over the money and being happy to have it all behind him now.  If this case was affecting Rory, then we’ll have to watch out as he won’t have this concern to deal with anymore, and he can concentrate fully on golf – well maybe he’ll be looking for a girlfriend too.

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