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Golfing in 40 degree weather

Golfing in 40 degree weather

This past weekend I really had the itch to play a round of golf.  I have yet to get on the golf course in 2010 due to bad weather and other time restraints.  So, on Friday, it was a beautiful day out in Dallas Texas.   The high was around 58 degrees and it was sunny with little wind.  I decided that I couldn’t get off of work to play, so I decided I was going to go golfing on Saturday.  I looked at the weather, and it said it was supposed to be cloudy in the morning but open up in the afternoon with sun with a high of 49 degrees.  I figured I could deal with that.  Saturday morning came around, and it was cloudy, like the weather report.  So I put on several layers of clothes, my winter golf took (that’s a hat for you southerners) and headed to the course.  It was about 40 degrees and windy, but it was supposed to clear up with sun and climb another 10 degrees, so I wasn’t worried. 

Well, as usual, the weather report was off, and I never saw the sun, and the temperature only got up to 43 degrees.  Even though I’m from New England, I’m not a cold weather guy, and one of the reasons I moved to the southwest.  My game does not fair well when my hands are cold.  My swing starts to have problems because of my hands, and my putter goes down the tubes with cold hands.  I don’t know how some of you play golf when it is right around 32 degrees.  I’m just not cut out for cold weather golf.  I would much rather be out golfing when it is 105 degrees (like it gets here in Dallas in the summer) than golfing when it is 40 degrees outside.

However, it was great to get out on the course for the first time in 2010.  I broke my favorite driver, Titleist 905R, about two weeks ago, and I bought a Titleist 905T to replace it.  It isn’t quite the same as my 905R, but it was close enough for now.  My score was not good at all.  It was a rollercoaster round as I carded many double and triple bogeys due to the rust in my game, along with cold hands trying to finese pitch and chips.  Needless to say, my pitching and chipping was pathetic, I had no feel.  I still had some great iron shots, which always leave me wanting to play again as soon as possible.

What do you think about playing in cold weather?  What’s the minimum temperature you will go out in and play a round of golf?