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Golf Bargain Hunters Blog
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Friday, 12 March 2010 14:28

Tiger Woods returning to Golf at The Masters? 

It sounds like Tiger Woods has hired Ari Fleischer to handle PR for his likely upcoming return to golf.  If you do not know who Ari Fleischer is, he was George W Bush's former press secretary.  Tiger Woods' image has been severely damaged since late November when word started to get out about Tiger's extramarital affairs.  Since that fateful November car crash, many women have come into the public and confessed to relations with Tiger Woods while he was married to Elin.

I'm not sure how effective hiring Air Fleischer will be for Tiger's image.  He has been out of public view for a couple of months now, and the only press event he has held was at Sawgrass where he read a long, prepared speech.  I believe that he needs to start being a little more open and in the public eye before people will change their image about him.  Maybe Fleischer will guide Tiger through what needs to be done? I hope he won't be speaking for Tiger as that will just be a disaster in the making...  People want to hear information directly from Tiger.

In the long term, I think Tiger Woods will be just fine as long as he keeps out of trouble.  This whole scandal will fall out of favor, and Tiger will go on winning golf tournaments and brining in money for the PGA Tour.  It just takes time...

So, with the hiring of Fleischer, it seems that Tiger is getting closer to returning to golf.  The speculation is rampant at this time.  I've heard three different tournaments where he might return; Bay Hill, Tavistock Cup, and The Masters.  I would think that Tiger would want to return to a tournament where he won't have a big affect on the actual tournament itself.  It will be hard for Tiger to return and play well since he hasn't been playing much golf, and he'll have so many distractions with the media.  I can't see him returning for The Masters as his first event, it will be a madhouse.  I still think he'll return at the Tavistock Cup, as it's the best situation and tournament for him to return...

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Monday, 08 February 2010 22:12

Golfing in 40 degree weather

This past weekend I really had the itch to play a round of golf.  I have yet to get on the golf course in 2010 due to bad weather and other time restraints.  So, on Friday, it was a beautiful day out in Dallas Texas.   The high was around 58 degrees and it was sunny with little wind.  I decided that I couldn't get off of work to play, so I decided I was going to go golfing on Saturday.  I looked at the weather, and it said it was supposed to be cloudy in the morning but open up in the afternoon with sun with a high of 49 degrees.  I figured I could deal with that.  Saturday morning came around, and it was cloudy, like the weather report.  So I put on several layers of clothes, my winter golf took (that's a hat for you southerners) and headed to the course.  It was about 40 degrees and windy, but it was supposed to clear up with sun and climb another 10 degrees, so I wasn't worried. 

Well, as usual, the weather report was off, and I never saw the sun, and the temperature only got up to 43 degrees.  Even though I'm from New England, I'm not a cold weather guy, and one of the reasons I moved to the southwest.  My game does not fair well when my hands are cold.  My swing starts to have problems because of my hands, and my putter goes down the tubes with cold hands.  I don't know how some of you play golf when it is right around 32 degrees.  I'm just not cut out for cold weather golf.  I would much rather be out golfing when it is 105 degrees (like it gets here in Dallas in the summer) than golfing when it is 40 degrees outside.

However, it was great to get out on the course for the first time in 2010.  I broke my favorite driver, Titleist 905R, about two weeks ago, and I bought a Titleist 905T to replace it.  It isn't quite the same as my 905R, but it was close enough for now.  My score was not good at all.  It was a rollercoaster round as I carded many double and triple bogeys due to the rust in my game, along with cold hands trying to finese pitch and chips.  Needless to say, my pitching and chipping was pathetic, I had no feel.  I still had some great iron shots, which always leave me wanting to play again as soon as possible.

What do you think about playing in cold weather?  What's the minimum temperature you will go out in and play a round of golf?

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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 16:46

North Texas Golf Expo 2010

North Texas Golf Expo 2010 I went to the North Texas Golf Expo 2010 this past weekend. The expo ran from January 29th through January 31st at the Dallas Market Hall near downtown off of I-35. I've attended a previous NTX Golf Expo, but hadn't spent as much time at the expo as I did this year. I went with the intention of stopping by all of the golf related booths and hear Hank Haney speak. Hank Haney was the feature guest on Saturday, and he was to be followed by PGA Tour Pro Y.E. Yan, whom you might remember as winning the PGA Championship and holding off Tiger Woods on the back 9 on Sunday.

I was very interested to hear Hank Haney speak. Even though Hank has been around the Dallas area for years, and I've been to his practice facilities many times, he's still a good speaker and is a well respected golf instructor. His teaching philosophy is to teach you how to understand your own swing, and make improvements based upon your weaknesses. Now, understanding your swing is a hard concept for many golfers because they don't know what to look for when they practice, or playing a round of golf. Hank believes the most important step in improving your golf game, is to diagnose your swing properly. This will demonstrate what aspects of the swing are weaknesses, and strengths. From that point, a plan can be created to improve the golf swing and ultimately improving your golf game.

Diagnosing Your Golf Swing

I was able to record about 25 minutes of Hank Haney's speaking, and have posted the video. You can view the video at Hank Haney at the North Texas Golf Expo 2010. The quality isn't the highest, but I only had my iPhone with me to record. The audio turned out quite well since I was sitting next a speaker.


There was a mix of golf related booths, and non-golf related booths. I wasn't particularly interested in booths that did not relate to golf in some kind of way. Many of the booths were either for promoting golf in a particular state (i.e. Alabama, Nevada) or a particular golf course in Texas. A couple of booths included golf equipment and apparrel, and had decent prices. Overall the booths were a minor interest for me, and could stand to be bulked up in upcoming years

Vendor Golf Equipment

Most of the vendors had demo equipment to test out. Hitting areas were setup in the hall with nets so that you can try out different clubs. All of the new equipment from the particpating manufacturers was available to try out. I really enjoyed being able to try out the different clubs and having an opportunity to discuss the equipment with the manufacturing reps. Two large manufacturers were absent: Callaway and Taylormade. I'm not sure what's going on with Taylormade, but I heard that they did not show up to the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando last week either.


Lots of different contests were setup. Each contest required a payment, either $5 or $10 depending on the number of tries you wanted. Contests included a long putt contest and longest drive contest. I only entered the longest drive contest. They gave a prize to the top three longest drives each 2 hours. I only ended up with a long distance of 292 yards, which was shy of the top 3. The shafts were all X-stiff which doesn't suit my swing, but it was fun to try.


I mentioned Hank Haney speaking, but there were lots of other speakers that spoke throughout the expo. Friday night was PGA Tour night, and included a couple of PGA Pro's that were accessible. I didn't make it to that night due to other commitments, so I don't have much information about that night. I really enjoyed listening to Hank Haney and think he provided a lot of good information

In Conclusion

I thought the 2010 NTX Golf Expo was a fun event, but could always be improved. I think adding some more golf related booths, and golf retail stores would add to the fun.

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Saturday, 16 August 2008 23:36

I finally broke down and purchased a golf gps unit.  I did a lot of research online before I made my purchase.  I wasn't looking for a fancy GPS unit, but something basic that had the following functions/features:

  • Distance to Front, Center, and Back of the green
  • Shot Distance
  • Hold multiple golf course maps
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Accurate
  • Affordable

The iGolf Neo met all of my conditions above.  From everything that I read online, it was highly recommended.  After I purchased the unit and tried it out, I have to say that I agree with everything I had read previously.

The unit is quite small making it easy to carry in your pocket on the golf course.  It is very accurate when compared with a SkyCaddie SG2.  The unit can hold 10 courses, and the iGolf website allows you to download up to 100 courses for $35 per year.  The great thing about the iGolf website is that you actually download the course map files to your computer where you now have unlimited usage of the course files even if you do not subscribe to iGolf.

I highly recommend the iGolf Neo golf GPS.  For a more indepth review see read my full iGolf Neo review