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Major Savings – Open Box Clubs from 3balls.com

3balls open box clubs

Additional 15% off on Open Box Clubs

Are you looking for a new set of irons? a new driver? how about a new putter to help you shave some strokes this season?  Have you thought about looking at open box clubs to save some money?  Open Box clubs from 3balls.com are virtually new, except that they have been opened at some point, or have been returned without play.

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Open Box Clubs:


  • Have NEVER been hit
  • Have a FULL Warranty
  • 100% Happy Guarantee
  • No-Risk Return
  • Cannot be sold as “New” from a retailers standpoint
  • Saves you A LOT of money!!!!

Remember, these clubs have NEVER been hit before, and do not have any marks on them (maybe some finger smudges).

Take a look at some of these deals at {aclc id=9 type=3balls.com}

Nike SQ Dymo Driver – Originally sold for $329.00 Now $84.96

Taylormade Super Fast Burner – Originally sold for $299.99 Now $195.46

Callaway X20 2010 Irons – Originally $379.99 Now $297.46

Odyssey White Ice Putter – MSRP $225.00 Now $110.46

And so much more!

Visit {aclc id=9} and see all of the great deals.