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Scratch Golf Wedges for under $75 – New Factory Sealed

Scratch Golf Wedge 8620

Scratch Golf 8620 milled chrome wedges for under $75 at Rock Bottom Golf

{aclc id=39} is selling {aclc id=64}s for $99, but they also have a "name your price" option, so that you can name any price you want to pay for the wedge.  These are brand new, factory sealed wedges.  It appears that people are getting their bids accepted, by using the "Name Your Price" option, for as low as $72-$75, which is a great price for these excellent wedges.  Tour pros are beginning to play Scratch Golf wedges, such as David Duval and Ryan Moore.


Visit Scratch Golf's site first

If you are not familiar with Scratch Golf wedges, I would suggest that before you purchase your wedge, that you visit the Scratch Golf website and read about the different bounces and grinds that they offer.  It will make a difference in your shots, so you'll need to know the kind of club that fits your swing.  Visit their Fitting Guide page first, and read the descriptions of their swing types, so you'll know which club to purchase.  Also, Visit their Fitting Tool page to help you decide the right version of their wedge that you will want to buy.


Scratch Golf Wedge Options

Scratch Golf Wedge Options

Above are the Scratch Golf Wedge choices.  As you can see, you'll want to figure out if you are a Differ/Driver, Driver/Slider, or a Sweeper/Slider before you purchase.  You can figure this out by visiting Scratch Golf's website.


Select Name Your Price option

Now that you know the correct wedges to buy, make sure you select the "Name Your Price" option instead of paying the $99 list price.  It's located right below the "Add to Cart" button.  People are getting bids accepted in the $72-$75 range.  My $72 offer was accepted for a 56 degree wedge.


If you purchase before 3/21/2011, use coupon code FREESHIP to receive free shipping on orders of $75 or more.


Visit Rock Bottom Golf now and buy one or more {aclc id=64}s.  These are normally priced, brand new, at $99 or more.