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SuperStroke Grips for a good price

SuperStroke GripLooking for SuperStroke grips at a good price without having to worry about bidding on Ebay?

Off-Price Golf has a variety of different Superstroke grips available between $9.95 and $15.95 a piece depending on model and color of the putter grip.

If you are not familiar with SuperStroke putter grips, they have become very popular putter grips, and you may have seen some touring pros with a very fat putter grip.  That’s a superstroke putting grip, and they now come in different sizes.

Mid slim 2.0, Ultra slim 1.0 Slim 3.0 and Flatso are all different versions of the putter grip.  The goal of the Superstroke putter grip is to eliminate the wrists and forearms from the putting stroke in order to focus on a smooth pendulum putting stroke with the arms and shoulders. The retail MSRP on these putter grips range between $25 and $30 a piece.  This is a good deal if you are looking for a Superstroke putter grip.