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Leupold GX-I Digital Golf Rangefinder – Best Price – $219.99 at Amazon.com

Leupold GX-I Digital Golf Rangefinder – $219.99

Are you looking for a digital Golf Rangefinder? The Leupold GX-I Golf Rangefinder is a very good product, and Amazon.com has the lowest price we have seen to date. At only $219.99, you save $155.00 off of MSRP or 41%. You’ll be hard pressed to find a good golf rangefinder under $300 anywhere. Visit Amazon.com’s Leupold GX-I Rangefinder product page and read the customer reviews, you’ll see that this is a great deal.

Leupold GX-I golf rangefinder
Leuplod’s Product Description

Leupold’s GX-I is a line of sight rangefinder that complies with USGA rule 14-3, making it tournament legal on many courses. It has seven aiming reticles that allow each golfer to customize the point of aim to his or her playing style or eyesight, and an easily accessible scan mode that is always at your fingertips. Each GX-I incorporates Leupold’s proprietary PinHunter™ laser aiming system, a combination of advanced hardware and software. Pinhunter uses a laser that is optimized to range golf features and a software package that maximizes the effectiveness of the laser under golf conditions.


Magnification 6x 6x
Inclinometer No Yes
TGR(True Golf Ranger) No Yes
Club Selector No Yes
7 Selectable Aiming Reticles Yes Yes
Quick Set Menu Yes Yes
Line of Sight Distance Yes Yes
Yards/Meters Yes Yes
Scan Mode Yes Yes
Reflective Target 750 Yards/675 Meters
Trees 600 Yards/550 Meters
Pin 350 Yards/318 Meters
Battery Life 1000’s of uses
Weight 6.8 oz
Dimensions 4 in x 2.75 in x 1.5 in
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Weather Proof Yes


The Leupold golf rangefinders are one of the most accurate and tournament legal golf rangefinders on the market. Leupold uses precision optics and their proprietary laser technology that easily provides the distance to the pin, even if the pin is far away. The rangefinder can scan easily to allow you to lock on to the pin at extended distances. The GX rangefinders have been calibrated to shoot a laser beam precisely at the target in the rangefinder’s crosshairs. Again, Leupold has proprietary beam geometry technolody that improves the laser returns and the advanced GX-I software accurately read the laser returns and can separate our the objects in the background. With all the proprietary technology that Leupold has integrated into the GX series of rangefinders, you can expect precise results. The GX has scan mode when you want multiple readings in one quick sweep. Just hold down the power button and the display will continuously update with accurate line-of-site measurements.

View Amazon.com’s Leupold GX-I golf rangefinder product page