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Bushnell Pinseeker 1600 Slope Edition for $299.95 – Originally $479.95

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Bushnell Pinseeker 1600 Slope Edition for $299.95 – Originally $479.95

Save 38% on the {aclc id=56} at InTheHoleGolf.com.  Originally priced at $479.95, buy now marked down to $299.95 for a top of the line rangefinder.  Golf GPS units are very popular these days, but they are not as accurate as the top of the line golf rangefinders.  The {aclc id=56} is Bushnell's flagship golf rangefinder, providing very accurate distances to objects.  Rangefinders also do not as much power as GPS units or Smartphones running GPS software.  It is expected to be able to use a rangefinder for many rounds without requiring a change of battery.

The $299.95 price is similar to the lower end Bushnell golf rangefinder models. 



Bushnell PinSeeker 1600 Slope Edition

The Bushnell PinSeeker 1600 rangefinder has brilliant Japanese-made optics and a measuring range that's simply enormous, from 5-1600 yards! This makes it quite useful for golfers. Though your maximum range will vary from many factors (including the angle of incidence to the target, the target's reflectivity, and the ambient lighting conditions), the PinSeeker 1600 will always give the best range of any Bushnell unit.

The PinSeeker 1600's observing modes include the PinSeeker mode, which ignores objects behind the pin, as well as a scanning mode which gives continuously-updated readings. Optics are fully multicoated for wonderful resolution and contrast. The PinSeeker 1600 is Bushnell's flagship model and it shows.

This version of the PinSeeker 1600 rangefinder has Slope Mode, which uses an inclinometer with built-in angle compensation so that elevation changes are factored in to a "play as" distance reading, instead of just a 'dry' literal distance to the pin.  The wind are green topography are yours to factor, but there's no doubt that angle compensation measuring can improve your play.


  • Built-inclinometer (±20°, ±1°) allows slope information to give "play to" distances accountant of elevation changes  • Awesome 5-1600 yard range, with precision as well  
  • Scanning mode actively displays continuously-updated measurements  
  • PinSeeker mode ignores higher-reflectivity background objects and always displays reading of closest object  
  • RainGuard HD coatings upon eyepiece & objective disperse precipitation from lenses for better transmission  
  • ±2 Dioptric correction  
  • Twist-up metal reinforced eyecup with intermediary positions  
  • Ergonomic shape ideal for handholding  • Displays in either yards or meters  
  • Legal for tournament play 
  • Prism Type Roof  
  • Magnification 7x  
  • Objective Lens Diameter 26mm  
  • Angle of View 6.5°  
  • Field-of-View (@ 1000 Yds) 340' (113 m @ 1000 m)  
  • Focusing Range & Accuracy 5-1600 Yards (5-1463 m) with ±1 yard accuracy